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WHOOP Home Phone

Model ALLY

Remote Office
Integrate the ALLY in your office PBX with SIP will support remote office at any location.

Take your office home, on the road, and travel freely
Give your employees the freedom of using the office internet with a secure VPN connection, and their office desk phone in a Home Office environment.

2 phone connectors
The “Tel 2” port can be used to connect an additional phone or answering machine. It uses the same phone number as the “Tel 1” port.

Connect your traditional FAX machine to the Tel 2 port of the ALLY to send and receive FAXES at your construction side.

Caller ID

The ALLY supports both calling number Identification and Caller Name.

The ALLY support SIP service. Connect your ALLY to your SIP provider will give you a wide scale of additional calling services.

With the integrated battery the phone service will continue for several hours with a power outage.

1 year limited warranty

Product Specifications

Key USP4G-LTE Home Phone / LAN Router
OperatingVoLTE, 3G, SIP (VOIP), CS
DisplayPower, Network, Voice Mail, LAN, Battery
Processor Qualcomm MDM9207
Software OTA Update / TR-O69 Management
(ACS Server)
Connectors 2* RJ11, 1*LAN, Power, Micro-USB
LTE Bands2/4/12 CAT 4 (150Mbps Down / 50Mbps Up)
3G-WCDMA 2/4/5
Battery 1900mAh (removable)
SIM Single Mini SIM 2FF
Switch Power / Reset
Accessories Power Adapter / Manual / Warranty Card
Approvals FCC
Options 2 pcs External LTE Antenna

The WHOOP HOME PHONE can be used for:


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